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Introducing Brandon "Hotsauce" Glover

"Taking The Gloves Off"

My Comedy Special

Step into the electrifying world of Brandon "Hotsauce" Glover, a comedic maestro hailing from the heart of St. Louis, Missouri. Brandon's humor is a delightful blend of quick wit and a refreshingly unfiltered style that's all his own. It all started with a playful nickname, "Hot Sauce," inspired by the way he'd turn beet red when excitement or irritation struck – a fitting prologue to his journey into comedy. Since he was just 18, he's been lighting up stages at comedy clubs and college campuses across the nation, and now, he's poised to unleash his comedic masterpiece, "Taking The Gloves Off." You can catch this hilarious hour-long special exclusively on his website,, available for a limited time only, a treat for his dedicated fans!

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